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Moving...most people shutter at the thought of having to do it again.  Thankfully, our local Longmont moving team is here to help.  Our team is available for hire as moving helpers. These movers work for the larger moving companies full-time and offer up their expertise and help moving to longmont residence in their offtime.  All for a fraction of the price of the big Longmont moving companies.  Get a quote today and see how you can save money. 

Longmont Moveing Services

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Cost of Moving Services in Longmont

The cost of moving services in Longmont vary based on the size of the move.  However, we charge fees based on the service.  For example, our moving helpers are available at $40/hour per person.  Compare that to the a $75/hour or more for moving companies.  Our local home packers are just $85/hour per person.  You would be shocked at how much can be done in an hour of time with these speedy professionals.  To get an idea of what it would cost for us to help you move or pack your home, complete the form and get a free quote today!

Moving Hepers Customer

WOW! Talk about speed.  They were able to load my 3 bedroom house in 2.5 hours.  They unloaded it in an hour and a half.  It was obvious these movers were professionals making extra money.  Worth every penny. 

-Amy P.